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Audio Samples

These vocal exercise audio samples from voice lesson CDs will give you an idea of what it’s like to be coached by Jeannie Deva. The original voice exercise recordings were made in professional studios to high quality CD standards.

In these samples Jeannie Deva refers to “tapes” because these vocal exercises were first released on audio cassettes. The masters were digitally recorded in a studio and are currently available on CD or as MP3 Downloads.

Also she refers to “ribs” or “ribcage” by which she means the ribcage expansion technique of breath support. You learn how to use this technique in Contemporary Vocalist Volume One. All of the vocal exercises in Volume One and Two should be done using the ribcage expansion breath support technique .

Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups

In first sample from The Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-downs CD, Jeannie Deva discusses warm-ups and vocal exercises in general. The second sample is a simple warm-up called “The Scoop.”

Vocal Warm Up Download

Contemporary Vocalist Vol 1

Listen to Jeannie Deva’s Advice from Contemporary Vocalist Volume One.

Contemporary Vocalist Volume One Download

Contemporary Vocalist Vol 2

Listen to Jeannie Deva’s Advice from Contemporary Vocalist Volume Two.

Contemporary Vocalist Volume Two Download
I have already recommended several friends to your products. Though I have many other big vocal training products (Brett Manning, Seth Riggs, etc), yours is the one that I think really makes the most difference in my vocal quality and expressiveness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Alyse Black, Singer-Songwriter
Jeannie Deva is one of the country’s most respected celebrity vocal coaches. With her method, Deva has helped many of today’s most well-known vocalists to reach their peak performance level.
the Women's International Music Network
Jeannie Deva is a woman who knows exactly how to train someone how to sing properly. She is the celebrity voice coach and the vocal coach to the vocal coach. If you have studied with other teachers or methods and still have unresolved issues with your voice, you owe it to yourself to get help from Jeannie Deva.
LA Splash Magazine
I was really amazed by what simple measures can be taken to dramatically improve a vocal take. Jeannie’s experience with and understanding of the recording studio environment is an absolute asset to any vocalist who is working in the studio
Jennifer Truesdale,
Jeannie and I did some jamming together at the NAMM show, and her singing was amazing. She is a master of her instrument, and also a great teacher…
Paul Gilbert , Rock Guitarist on Shrapnel Records
Jeannie! What a great voice! Your notes jump off the tape and through the air.
Chick Corea , Multi-Grammy Award Winning Musician

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